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We have put together a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions designed to give you a better understanding of our nursery and services.  If you do not find the information you are looking for, then please feel free to call on 0121 455 7887, or email admin@edgbaston-nursery.co.uk.  

What shall I bring with me on my first visit?

On your child’s first visit to the nursery you will need to bring a bag (preferably not a carrier bag) containing 3 changes of clothes, nappies and wipes (if required), any creams your child may need (e.g. Sudocrem). Any other requirements your child may have you will need to bring with you for example: inhalers, formula milk ready made up in bottles, dummies etc…

How can I be sure my child will settle and get used to the routines?

Before your child starts at nursery we arrange three settling sessions, which are convenient with yourself and your child. This allows you and your child to get to know all the staff and your child’s key worker. These free sessions also allow your child to become familiar with the surroundings.

You can view their child’s settling in progress remotely through the CCTV monitor in the reception area.

If your child is starting day nursery in the baby room, we will do our best to follow the routine your child has at home, so that your child settles in and is happy during the nursery day.

If your child is older, these rooms have a set daily routine, which we follow to help the children settle and become aware of what happens during the nursery day. E.g. Meal times are at the same time every day, sleep times may vary dependent on the child’s age and needs, outdoor play times are at set times daily etc…

Do you have a curriculum? What kind of activities do you provide?

We use the Early Years Foundation Stage (0-5 curriculum)as the foundation for our play and learning. We incorporate this with our children’s interests to form the basis of our activities. We provide a range of activities to support every area of development and the children have access to the outdoor area daily. We have a messy/exploratory activity every day and opportunities for large and small group work to enhance social skills. We ensure age and stage related ICT opportunities are available in each room; this includes push button toys through to a Computer and digital cameras.

Can I ring the nursery throughout the day?

Yes. You can call the nursery as many times as you want to until you feel happy, we will put you through to your child’s key person who is looking after him or her and they will tell you how they are doing. You can call in on your breaks if you work locally and see how your child is either in the rooms or on our C.C.T.V cameras in the reception. Please feel free to call us at any time. We also send a text message each day to parents updating them on their child’s progress and activities for that day.

If my child is unwell are they allowed to attend? Can you give medication?

We have an illness and infection policy with periods of exclusion for some contagious infections. This is reviewed in accordance with annual health protection agency guidelines. A cough and cold and regular childhood illnesses can be managed. If any medicine is to be administered prior consent must be given. In an emergency we will seek telephone consent to administer pain/fever relief.

What happens if my child is poorly whilst at nursery?

If your child becomes poorly we will contact you immediately and ask for your permission to administer Calpol (if required). We will then ask you to collect your child from nursery (if required).

What if my child has antibiotics?

It is our policy to keep children at home for 48 hours after their first dose of the antibiotics. This is our policy in case of any allergies or reactions your child may have.

My child has asthma is that a problem?

No. we are able to administer inhalers with your consent. Ideally it is worth having an extra inhaler to leave at nursery at all times.

What if my child has an accident?

We have an accident policy in place and all staff are aware of the procedures to follow. The majority of our staff have paediatric first aid qualifications, which are updated annually. We inform you of any accident involving your child and ask you to sign the accident form at the end of the day. In the unlikely event of a serious injury you would be advised immediately if medical attention is/was required.

What if I can’t get to the nursery in time for closing? Can I send someone else?

If you can’t get to the nursery in time you may send someone else but they must be over 18 years old and you must give them the password, which was on your original registration form. You must inform the day nursery and preschool who will be coming and give us a full description of the person and what time they will be arriving. When the person arrives they will be asked the password and several other questions such as the child’s date of birth and the first line of the child’s address. We will then meet the person at the main door and bring them into the nursery. We will then ask the person to sign our collections book to say they have collected your child from the nursery. Please do not give your entrance key fob to the main door. Additional key fobs are available subject to a deposit.

How do I pay my fees?

Childcare Fees are payable by the 1st of every month in advance. Various payment methods are accepted including Direct Debit, Standing Order and childcare vouchers. We require a non refundable deposit of £50.00 to secure your place.

What is included in the price?

We provide all meals, snacks and drinks. We only ask parents to provide a 3 changes of clothes, sudocrem (or alternative nappy creams), nappies, wipes, sun cream and formula milk if applicable.

Do the children go on outings?

We use the local area facilities for outings e.g. walks, a trip to the shops, park or library. Local trips apply to all age groups however outings further afield are limited to our older age groups. In all instances additional parental consent is required and all aspects of the outing/trip are risk assessed.

What about 3year old funding?

We are registered to claim national education funding (NEF); therefore there is no need for parents to worry. We will automatically claim for your child when they become eligible (term after the 3rd birthday). Parents are required to sign a declaration each term to clarify they are not fraudulently claiming elsewhere. Parents are also responsible for advising us of any change to circumstances or child’s details. Fees continue to be paid on a standing order basis but you will see the deduction of NEF being made, therefore reducing your payments.

Are your staff qualified and checked for suitability?

All of employees are subject to an enhanced DBS disclosure and appropriate references are sought. The qualifications amongst our team meet the current welfare requirements. We have staff with degree level qualifications and most of all other staff have a NVQ Level 3 (or equivalent). Any employee with a lower level of qualification is assigned to a training course. We also have work place students (from local college/university); students never have unsupervised access to the children.

What are your opening hours?

Monday to Friday 8.00am – 6.00pm. We can accommodate early starters from 7.30 am and late pick ups until 6.30 pm at an extra charge and after prior agreement with the nursery manager.

Do you cater for dietary requirements / what is your menu?

On application for a place we ask you to provide information of dietary requirements and/or known allergies to ensure individual needs are catered for. We have a balanced menu ensuring that we meet all food groups throughout the day. Copies of our menus can be obtained at each individual nursery site. We have obtained the Birmingham Healthy Setting Award.

My child has Special Educational Needs?

We operate a comprehensive SEN and Inclusion policy. We have a nursery SENCO that has a great deal of experience. We will work collaboratively with parents and other professionals to ensure the needs of your child are met.